Searching for NY-style Pizza: Fuhgeddaboudit in Raleigh

We’re on a quest to find some great-tasting NY Pizza. You know the kind: the slices are so big that you have to fold it in half, all the grease runs down your hand to your wrist, the cheese is ooey gooey on top of a great red sauce on that oh-so-thin crust. Mmmm makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Several of our Twitter followers suggested Fuhgeddaboudit Pizza, located at 7321 Six Forks Road in the Celebration Station Shopping Plaza. We pulled in to the parking lot at about 6:00 and were surprised that the restaurant wasn’t packed at dinner time. We decided to eat in while many other patrons showed up for carry-out.

The decor of the restaurant is a treat in itself. If you’ve ever been to the Big Apple then you’d likely feel at home as pictures of old NYC adorn the walls as well as two subway doors and street signs. Oh, and graffiti.

You walk up to a glass case to select the pizza you’d like. First we opted for plain old cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. That’s when I noticed the garlic poppers: little dough balls with a buttery garlic topping on them. I’m a huge garlic fan so I ordered that as well.

There were four people in our party, and of the 5 slices ordered, 4 drinks and 4 poppers, my total was a little more than $16 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I was a little worried about how long the pizza had been sitting out on display, but it didn’t look old so I figured I’d be okay.

We sat down at the table and were quickly served our pizza. Sure enough, you could see the grease forming at the top and the crust was super thin. I was excited to give it a shot!!!

What Fuhgeddaboudit boasts in atmosphere, menu selection and great pricing, it lacks in taste. Don’t get me wrong, the pizza was very good; it just didn’t have the flavor that I was looking for. Having said that, it ranks better than the other NY style pizzerias that I’ve tried in the past.

The garlic poppers though. WOW. Served with a robust and chunky marinara sauce, these little treats were a yum-fest in my mouth. I could probably eat a whole pile of them without thinking twice.

My one slice of pizza and 2 poppers ended up not satisfying my hunger, so I decided to try the pesto pizza. I found the herb they used to be overwhelming in little piles on the pizza while the rest was pretty tasteless. I ended up eating only two bites and threw the rest away.

The staff at the restaurant were very friendly but a little slow-to-get-to-it. I think one gal was training her co-worker, so that’s understandable. Our biggest “complaint” would be the soda fountain running out of syrup and we had to wait a good 20 minutes until they refilled it after we let them know.

I’ll probably give Fuhgeddaboudit another chance some other time to try out the rest of their menu, but this customer left feeling a little let-down last night in the flavor department.

So don’t write this place off yet, give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think!!


  1. KayeJuly 1, 2010

    I searched for the same thing when I came to Raleigh. I am a Brooklyn native, so big slices that you have to fold in half and then flip the end up because it is so big… (yummy)

    The only place I find close to the taste (not size) is the “I Love NY Pizza” on Hillsboro Street across from NC State. I have to mention that one, because the other I love NY Pizza’s are not the same.

    Now in Garner there is a place that is really close to NY Pizza called Primavera Pizza. It is in the same shopping center as Best Buy.. Big slices, thin crust, hot..taste great.

    But sometimes I flip flop between the two.
    Try that those and let me know if I am on to something.

  2. MsWiggieJuly 4, 2010

    Thanks! We’ll have to give that a try!!!

  3. David RAugust 10, 2010

    I recently tried a thin crust pizza at Vivace in Charlotte and it was simply delicious. I have finally found a restaurant that knows how to balance the sauce, toppings and flavor of the dough.

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