Succulent Savoy

On Friday night we braved the cold and snow to head out to Savoy for a nice, romantic dinner. We’d been once before just for dessert and enjoyed the atmosphere, so this time we wanted the whole dining experience.

Savoy is a smaller restaurant tucked into a shopping center, but it’s super convenient to get to and there’s lots of parking. For the warmer months, patrons can dine outside in a quaint little dining area. Inside, Savoy is warm and inviting. A blue-lighted fish tank gives a soft glow when you first come in; modern light fixtures and contemporary art give the restaurant a swanky and classy feel. First-class service awaits you from the moment you sit down, whether at a booth, table or the bar.

We were seated and quickly greeted by our server. He gave us the wine list and mentioned a few specials but didn’t go into an over-driven sales pitch that left me with my eyes glazed-over. We perused the menu, debating on what to try. The neat thing about Savoy is you can order your meal by selected course menus, or you can order those same selections a’ la carte.

After getting some information [that is, definitions!!!] we settled on ordering a’ la carte. For the first course, we chose duck confit with truffled honey and apple cardamom chutney. Wow, was it ever amazingly delicious. The duck did indeed taste a little like chicken, and the topping was so sweet with the cardamom adding a bit of ginger-like flavor to each bite.

Next up was Savoy’s French onion soup, which in my opinion should be an award-winning French onion soup. Served piping hot in a bowl shortly after we ate our duck, the soup has “caramelized onion, red wine fortified beef broth, and a baked Gruyere crouton” on top. It was absolutely delicious. The serving size was a perfect mete – enough to satisfy you without filling you up.

Our last course was the Crimini stuffed chicken. The chicken was sliced and stuffed with the mushroom mixture, then served atop wonderful mashed potatoes, and asparagus on the side. I’m not a huge fan of asparagus, but even I couldn’t resist how good they tasted.

Savoy’s bar was well-stocked and ready for any manner of mixed drink. I’m not sure what beers, if any, there may be (we didn’t order beer) but their wine list is pretty extensive.

Not only did we enjoy great service and amazing food, but we were REALLY IMPRESSED with Savoy’s incredibly affordable prices. Our first-class dining experience was definitely affordable.

After we finished up our meal, we were given a little treat to take home: two apple muffins with a sugary topping. A delicious way to end our evening!

Savoy would be a great place for dinner to celebrate any special occasion (they take reservations, too) or just for a nice night out. Several businesses meet monthly at Savoy and enjoy an equally delicious and affordable lunch menu. While we dressed up a little for our special occasion, other diners were dressed casually. There weren’t any children at the restaurant during our visit, and I didn’t see any “kid” sections on the menu, but I’d guess that a well-behaved child would be enchanted with the atmosphere and would enjoy some of the menu items.

You can find coupons, specials and other information at Savoy’s website here. They are also on Twitter: @restaurantsavoy

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