Busy Bee Cafe

So we were sitting around a few nights ago, wondering what to do for the evening. We didn’t feel like watching another movie and definitely didn’t feel like hitting up the mall. We decided to meet up with some friends downtown and the unanimous vote was for the Busy Bee Cafe. I’d never been before but everyone else frequents this neat little spot in Raleigh. It didn’t take long to drive there and we found a parking deck less than a block away. It was a fun little walk to the cafe which has a bit of a tucked-out-of-the-way feel to it when you’re walking down the street.

We got inside and sat at the bar for a minute waiting for our friends. We were immediately greeted by a super friendly bartender who explained the beer selections. I’m more of a mixed drink kinda gal and let my eyes wander over the many liquors stocked on the bar shelves. (Busy Bee also has their own specialty mixed drinks for the more adventurous.)

Our friends arrived and we moved to a cozy table. Two of us settled on mixed drinks for the evening while everyone else picked from the special beer menu.

Although we’d already eaten, we had the munchies. This is when we discovered that Busy Bee has the world’s best Tater Tots. Well, maybe not the world’s best since we can’t compare, but they were awful good. Maybe Raleigh’s best.

Our server was incredibly friendly and personable. We all chatted like friends for a minute about some trending topic from the day’s news and were happy to note that he kept our glasses full.

It was a fairly easy-going crowd the night we went: one gal worked on her computer, another fellow read through the newspaper. A few friends chatted it up here and there and the upstairs seemed to hum with activity.

We had a great time hanging out and I can see how this would easily become a favorite gathering spot for friends to grab a drink and unwind in a great environment. I can imagine the servers knowing repeat patrons on a first-name basis, maybe even knowing their favorite drink or dining fare.

We didn’t have a meal from the menu, but the choices look delicious and are very reasonably priced.

I can’t wait to get back to the Busy Bee for a little relaxing of my own. By “relaxing” I really mean “having a drink with great friends in a great spot while eating great Tater Tots.”


Check out the Busy Bee Cafe’s website here.

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