Arby’s Chicken Tenders Triangle Town Center Raleigh NC

By far these are some of the BEST fast food chicken tenders on the market. Due to the volume of the store in North Raleigh by Triangle Town Center Mall they are fried fresh upon each order (in our experience). Yes I have tried any and all tenders from every fast food restaurant and non fast food restaurant.

These beat McDonalds Chicken Selects because they are not fried to the point they hurt your teeth and gums when you bite into them, and theres more Chicken in every bite & less bread. These truly are Prime Cut chicken tenders.

The 3 piece is great, especially if you get the combo with a side. I prefer the 5 piece just by its self (trying to cut some carbs out of my diet). The 5 piece is plenty to satisfy a Man’s hunger and the 3 piece is usually good enough for a lady.

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