Las Margaritas (Six Forks)

Mmmmmexican is one of our favorite fares for meal time! Las Margaritas, on Six Forks at Celebration Station, is by far our favorite Mexican restaurant in the Raleigh area. We’re regulars there and it’s nice to see the low turnover with their wait staff. They’re always pleasant, friendly and at times funny.

I always get my standby chicken quesadillas (hold the frijoles please), and they’ve never disappointed me. I get two quesadillas with toppings (they don’t give you a side of rice though). The cream burritos are pretty decent as well, with a red sauce topping and sour cream, although the red sauce is a little too close to a spaghetti flavor than a ‘Spanish’ flavor.

Their chimichangas aren’t bad either, but for a better flavor we like to hold the red sauce. We wish they’d make this option fried instead of baked.

For adult beverages, the prices are fair and comparable to other places. One thing you won’t find is a watered down or weak second or third margarita, so be careful if you order a few.

Las Margaritas also has our favorite salsa in the area – it’s just right. Their queso dip is also fantastico.

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