On The Border

We were out and about the other day near Triangle Town Center and decided to try out On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina. I’ve eaten here before, but that was 10 years ago in Colorado. Today I was hoping their salsa was as fresh and amazing as I remembered it to be.

I had a 13 year old hanging out with me so we decided to order some queso dip and split a quesadilla.

We were greeted when we arrived and were seated pretty quickly. Unfortunately it was about 5 minutes before our server finally came and greeted us with our chips, salsa and silverware. I ordered a water and my young pal ordered a sprite. Another 5 minutes and we had our drinks and we were able to make our order.

The salsa was too spicy for either of us to eat; it was pretty heavy on the little seeds from jalapenos which adds heat. It was a little too much for us to eat which was a bummer. We asked for queso dip (there’s two kinds apparently: white or yellow) and we went with white after our server told us it was less spicy than the yellow version. It looked yellow when it came out so we’re not sure what the difference is.

The chips were great and the queso dip was good. A little kick to it with chunks of tomato, onion and peppers.

There’s quite a bit to choose from at On The Border, but we’d already decided we wanted a chicken quesadilla. I did ask them to hold the peppers on the quesadilla since they tend to be a bit spicy. This quesadilla is listed under the appetizers.

The quesadilla was pretty large with a good amount of chicken on it with cheese and onion. It is served with a scoop of pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream on shredded lettuce. We needed a second serving of sour cream.

Our meal was about $19 which made me thankful we didn’t each order an entree and that I’d skipped a soda. The cost of one soda was about $2.50 which is pretty ridiculous in my opinion for one cup of soda.

We didn’t have stellar service here and the food is good but nothing too spectacular. We prefer the more authentic Mexican food found at non-chain restaurants.

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