The Sunday after Thanksgiving and everyone is hungry, but there’s no way I’m cooking!

We decided to head over to IHOP at Six Forks and Saw Mill (Celebration Station). The restaurant used to be an Applebees until that was closed down. This restaurant has only recently opened but we had yet to eat there.

This morning we thought pancakes, bacon and other breakfast foods sounded good, so we hopped into the car and arrived around 10:45 or so. There was a little bit of a wait – 15 minutes at most – and then we were finally seated.

It took a while for our server to show up – not so much that she was busy but rather she moved a little on the slow side. We ordered a short stack of pancakes, a kids cheeseburger, waffles and pancakes with eggs and sausage. The water tasted stale, our soda was a little flat, but the OJ was pretty good.

The pancakes were alright (but our syrup was missing and it took forever for our server to bring it to us) but the kids burger was dry. The waffles were a little overcooked and the eggs runny.

In all, I could probably have done a better job cooking on my own by means of frozen waffles, pancake mix and some fried up eggs, but it was nice to have someone else do the cooking (and the cleanup!).

I’m not sure if it was just an off day for IHOP or if the food/service here is always a little less than stellar.

Our total was less than $25, which isn’t too terrible for 3 people to eat brunch, but it wasn’t worth it in our opinion. We’ll probably give it another shot but we’re easily satisfied with a simple bowl of cereal for breakfast.

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