TGI Fridays

I’ve had my fair share of TGI Friday’s frozen samplers from my local grocery store; it only seemed natural that the real thing would be better than the frozen kind, right?

Well, maybe. We had dinner here last night, hoping to get some real good wings or ribs. I’ve been on a bbq rib kick for forever and have been trying to find the place that has the bbq flavor that I’ve been jonesin’ for.

We didn’t have to wait long to get a table which was nice, but we ended up sitting in a funky section right next to a window and it was pretty cold. There was food and crumbs and dirt along the floor side of the window. Yuck.

Our server was quick to come and get our drink orders, appetizer order, and was nice and friendly especially to the kids.

We ordered the Jack Daniels sampler, BBQ ribs, Shrimp and pasta, and kids chicken. The kids chicken was okay – a little on the overcoked side. My BBQ ribs were crispy, not much meat, and not the best BBQ I’d ever had. I was pretty disappointed. The shrimp and pasta was pretty good.

The biggest problem we encountered was when a very large party was seated in our section. This boisterous group took up about 5 tabletops, so our server became totally overwhelmed and wasn’t able to help us. We sat for a while without drink refills, no follow-up on our orders (everything taste okay?) and no napkins. That was pretty frustrating.

We spent about $40 total not including alcoholic beverages. Not terrible, but for the quality of the food and the neglect of our server left me wishing I had eaten elsewhere.


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