The Cupcake Shoppe

This saturday was my cheat day for my diet. I was in the mood for something with lots of sugar. I had passed by the Cupcake Shoppe earlier on in the week and made sure to add it to my list of indulgences for the weekend.

When we arrived there were a few customers enjoying their purchases at the small tables at the store. There were a good variety of options to choose from. To be honest I expected more options and variations but was able to find exactly what I wanted.

When looking for a place to sit we noticed a few of the small tables where others were sitting when we arrived were empty but all the dishes, napkins and cupcake crumbs were left behind. The young lady behind the counter saw our confusion and let us know that your supposed to clear your own table but did not come around to clear. We had to clear a table ourselves to sit down at. A little bit later the young lady did come around and take care of the other tables. We made sure to get our own table cleaned up when we left.

The cupcakes hit the spot and were a great treat for my cheat day. I look forward to visiting again but will get them to go for sure!

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