Hot Point Cafe

It was a nice summer day when we were out and about at North Hills in Raleigh, shopping around for some goodies. We were starving and decided to try out Hot Point Café, located at 4209 Lassiter Mill Road (suite 136). There was a little line and the restaurant was near to being crowded but the traffic moved well enough that by the time we were done with our order, there was a place to sit.

You can choose a tabletop inside or a table outside if the weather is nice enough. I did feel a little cramped and it was awkward that there was a soda machine close-by but was only for servers to use; I felt like my table was near the server prep station, not in my own part of the restaurant.  The service is just okay here, not as good as it used to be. We’ve eaten here before and wonder if the restaurant is under new management.

For our meals, we each selected the Pollo Cardinale sandwich. It had sundried tomatoes and chicken on it so it was my obvious choice. I wasn’t sure how it was going to taste since it also had eggplant, hummus, ranch and pesto. I was pleasantly surprised that this cacophony of ingredients blended well and was rather tasty!

We ate up our sandwiches and chips and sodas and then left. While the sandwich I had was tasty, I don’t know that I would eat here often as our entire meal cost about $25 after chips, sodas and a tip for our “one-stop” server. It was a little pricey for me considering it’s just lunch.

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