Wang’s Kitchen: Delight or fright?

If you can’t tell already, we love Chinese food. We can’t get enough of the tangy sweet sesame chicken, the dreamy creamy crab wonton, the  fluffy and sticky white rice or the steaming hot and oh-so-good egg-drop soup (to name a few dishes of course).

So when we were craving Chinese food the other night, we were presented with a problem. Our favorite Chinese spot doesn’t deliver, and nobody wanted to go out to pick up for take out! What to do? Google for take-out Chinese places who deliver to our address. One result thanks to the internet was Wang’s Kitchen, located on Lynn Road  and Creedmoor Road. They have their complete menu posted online (oh so nice – a note to those of you restaurants who do NOT have menus online!) along with prices, and they seemed to be right on the money with their competitor’s prices.

I called in and placed my order quickly and easily with a friendly employee. He said it would take about 45 minutes for my order to arrive which seemed a little bit on the long side for a Chinese restaurant, but hey – if they’re hoppin’ busy that must mean good food right? After all, it was already 6:00 and I was sure my fellow Raleigh-ites were also jonesin’ for some Chinese grub.

Our order showed up a few minutes early and we tore open the brown bag for our dinner. At first I thought we had been shorted on some of our food because the bag was so light and there didn’t seem to be anywhere near enough packages to contain all of the food I’d ordered. (If you guessed we ordered a dinner portion of Sesame Chicken with white rice, some Crab Rangoon and Egg Drop soup, you’d be right. We really need to explore a little bit more of the menu don’t you think!?)

I spread the food out on the table and was surprised at what my $17ish dollars had purchased. I had one rectangular plastic container that was half meat and half rice. Not the usual full-plastic container of just meat with the traditional take-out fold-up box with rice. This looked more like a lunch portion than a dinner portion.

The Crab Rangoon was overcooked without much filling. The sauce that it came with was alright, but nothing to note. Egg Drop soup, well that got an “ok” rating from the kids.

In all, this was a disappointing meal. I probably won’t be spending my money on Wang’s Kitchen any time in the near future.

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