What may possibly be the best pizza. Ever.

Before I write up this review raving about our new favorite pizza joint, let me say that we don’t get paid to lavish praise on any local restaurant. We just do this cause we like food, we like to eat, and it’s nice to share with others when you finally find that one place that just hits the spot.

Speaking of hitting the spot… we’ve been on the hunt for some really good pizza here in Raleigh. We still love Rudino’s for some good pizza, but when it comes to really good New York style pizza, we think we may have found the perfect place for us. It hits the spot every.single.time.

A few weeks ago while shopping at Triangle Town Center, we decided we wanted to eat out for dinner and thought we’d try Dominic’s NY Pizzaria. It smelled good outside and we hoped that was a sign of good things to come!

Like most NY Pizza places, they had some ready-to-heat-up slices in a front display case. I chose the garlic, spinach and cheese while two kids picked up regular cheese slices and my main squeeze ordered a Stromboli. I asked for a  side of marinara for dipping my pizza crust in since the pizza I ordered didn’t have red sauce on it. The guy behind the counter who took our order was super friendly and really nice.

We sat down in the nice eating area complete with NY style decor. We were able to watch one of the pizza makers hand-toss the pizza dough which was fun in and of itself. By the time our order arrived, we were practically drooling from the aromas of pizza dough, tomato sauce and garlic. We dived in to our pizza fest and washed it down with some cold bubbly soda.

Oh my have mercy the pizza was *so good* – really really really good! They have practically perfected the New York Style pizza flavor in their pizza sauce. The marinara sauce was chunky but not thick and was delicious. Everyone raved about their giant pizza slices (one slice was enough to fill up each kid. I ate about a slice and a quarter and was stuffed). My cute boyfriend tried to eat up all of his Stromboli but was also stuffed. We got a few to go boxes so we could have the leftovers for lunch (or breakfast!) the next day.

We’ve had the veggie pizza and cheese pizza twice since and still find ourselves craving Dominic’s pizza. If you want to give them a try, they are located at 5911 Poyner Village Parkway across from Old Navy in the Triangle Town Center Target plaza area. They have a limited delivery area and take online orders as well.

Check out their website here:  Dominic’s Pizza and then go have some yummy lunch or dinner as soon as you can.

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