Tobacco Road

It was a hot night after enjoying an amazing concert at the downtown amphitheater when my boyfriend and I realized we were star.ving.

We’d already had dinner earlier in the evening (518 on Glenwood) and then we were off to see Mumford and Sons (my favorite band in the whole world but that’s beside the point). After braving the heat before, during and after the concert, we’d both sweat off the calories from dinner and were in need of some grub.

He suggested Tobacco Road which seemed an odd name for this non-Carolina girl but I was game. We weren’t too far and were able to find a decent parking spot at 222 Glenwood Avenue, in a nice little part of town with a few restaurants and specialty shops.

Tobacco Road is a true sports bar with numerous television sets and a little area that even includes several recliners. I wasn’t here to watch any ESPN, however, so we sat down and browsed through the menu.

It was almost 11 at night so we didn’t want to eat too much food, but we were considerably hungry and an appetizer just wouldn’t do. We settled on the fresh pico de gallo with chips. It was absolutely delicious except we didn’t realize there were decent sized chunks of jalapeno in there (with seeds) so we each got a little more burn than we’re used to. (If you like the burn, you’ll probably love this appetizer).

We each ordered a soda, and then one beer and a mixed beverage (or two).

We also decided we’d share a burger instead of each having a full meal. We ordered the Durham Bull burger (medium well) which has bacon and bbq sauce. We also added cheddar cheese.

The burger was delicious. DELICIOUS.

Tobacco Road had a great atmosphere. There were couples together, a few groups of friends hanging out at the bar or at a table. Some folks watched the TV while others just chatted quietly. There was a family that came in with their kids and they seemed to have fun too. One of the servers put on a children’s channel on the tv closest to their table which I thought was really nice of her to do. (Although why someone had their kids out and about at midnight to eat I’m not sure. Just sayin’…)

Our tab was just under $30 after tip, which wasn’t too bad for the food we got as well as a few bar drinks. We’ve been back several times because we enjoyed the atmosphere and food so much. Definitely a neat date place or if you want to watch the game and chow down on some really good food.



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