518 West

I’ve been to 518 West once before for a bridal shower and was looking forward to returning to this restaurant. The food was really good and I loved the atmosphere so it was my number one pick for our date night on the way to see Mumford and Sons the other night.

I ordered what I had eaten the last time: sun-dried tomato pizza. My boyfriend ordered the Chicken Marsala .We also each ordered a drink from the bar. We had the artichoke dip (served with focaccia bread) which wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t horrible either. I did have to pick out a hard piece of artichoke that made its way in to the dip but that is pretty common when you’re eating artichokes! My pizza was good but I wish there had been a little more toppings than what appeared to be fairly sparse.

Our server was nice and our food was brought out in no time at all. We were the only ones dining there at the time since it was early in the evening.

518 is a neat spot because of its location on Glenwood Avenue near other restaurants and small specialty shops. The building itself has a neat history and a warm, inviting atmosphere. You could dress up a little or be fairly casual and be comfortable here.

This is a great spot for an intimate dinner, a girl’s night out or a date spot before heading out for another event. You get what you pay for as far as quality of food goes, and the atmosphere and friendly servers help make the evening enjoyable. Our dinner, drinks and appetizer cost us only about $37 before tax. Not too shabby!

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  1. AmyApril 4, 2012

    I love 518 West. it’s really close to my favorite new bar on Glenwood, Joel Lane’s Public House!

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