Sonic: ice-cream debacle of Spring 2010

Dear Sonic:

Guys, you need to figure out what goes on at your Atlantic/Millbrook Raleigh location. Seriously.

Last Sunday night we all packed into the car, ready for some cold yummy treats after a great warm weather day. We drove all the way to Sonic because we figured they’d have the best selection for the four of us.

After debating over the menu, we buzzed to place our order. I really REALLY wanted a hot fudge banana sundae. I could almost taste the fresh banana under the ice cold vanilla ice cream and the warm, gooey fudge melting on top. MMM!

But what’s this? You are out of bananas??? Okay, that’s pretty irritating and annoying, especially since I drove all the way over here – out of my way – and past several of your competitors to get exactly what I wanted. I found it in myself to have grace for the situation. After all, I’m sure lots of other Raleigh families had done the same thing earlier in the day. I settled for a plain old hot fudge sundae. Everyone else got their desserts with no problem and we enjoyed the large servings.

Last night, after another very warm day, we decided ice cream was again on the menu. Still craving a banana split from Sonic, we headed on over. We drove around the building only to have to wait while an incredibly S L O W employee took her sweet time to cross the street (after parking her car helter-skelter) while texting on her phone. Hello? Could you hurry up a little? Maybe look UP to see you are holding up some very dessert-hungry people!?

We parked and jumped out of the car and walked up to the menu/ordering station.

What’s that you say? You are out of FUDGE??? Seriously? What kind of restaurant/drive-thru that serves lots of ice cream products runs out of HOT FUDGE!?!?!?  Grr. Well pooh. We were all so annoyed we told the people never mind and left.

We went to another ice-cream serving chain but they must have been Sonic-rejects too because there were probably 15 families ahead of us and there was no way we were waiting upwards of 30 minutes for our cold treat. We finally ended up enjoying ourselves at another chain restaurant, a good old hot-fudge sundae just off the dollar menu.

Tonight we wanted to give Sonic one last go. What can I say? I figured third time would be the charm.


First of all, whoever took our order had marbles, cotton or marshmallows stuffed in his mouth.  He informed me that they “nowh longwrh shelld hot fugdgh.” Huh? You don’t sell hot fudge anymore? As in, these 4 or 5 menu items – WITH HOT FUDGE ON THEM – are obsolete? But they are still on the menu? And it was just LAST NIGHT that you were “out” of fudge?

Okay, give me an orange cream slush please.

What’s that you say??? Your slush machine is broken!?!??!

Sonic people, please. I’m not going back to this location. Ever. Never. And tell your manager to get OFF his cell phone and back into the restaurant to order some bananas. And fudge. And fix your stinkin slush machine!!!

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