Rudino’s Raleigh

Mmm, want a slice of hot, gooey cheesy pizza? Yes please!

We love to eat pizza in my family. It’s a great quick meal on those busy nights when you don’t have time to cook or if you’ve had  a long week and just want to relax during the evening and not have to cook and clean up.

The other night we decided we wanted pizza for dinner and decided to try Rudino’s. I’ve been to Rudino’s before: they have a fun rooftop bar, but I hadn’t had their pizza before. I called ahead to have the pizza ready for pick-up. By the time I got there, my extra cheese and pepperoni pizza was piping hot and ready.

I was surprised at the cost: a large 16″ pizza with two toppings cost about$5 less than I’ve paid at other similar pizza restaurants. Rudino’s pizza crust -which their website says is made fresh daily- is delicious. There’s plenty to go around for two adults and two kids, with leftovers to boot.

As of right now, I think it’s my favorite pizza in town!

Check out their website to check out their menu or to find a location near you.


  1. DeannaDecember 12, 2009

    I am enjoying your blog! Thanks for all of the great info!

  2. MsWiggieDecember 14, 2009

    Thanks, Deanna!!! :)

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