Captain Stanleys Seafood North Raleigh

Captain Stanley’s Seafood located in Sutton Square.

I was in the mood for seafood. Big Time. I had the option of buying some from Fresh Market (also in Sutton Square), or checking out Captain Stanley’s. Since I am a 20 something bachelor I went for having someone else do the cooking today. I checked in for an early dinner right before 5pm on Saturday. It was pretty quiet but I could tell that they were getting ready for Dinner time peak. They had two hostesses and a server at the reception area to greet me. One of the hosts took me right back to my own booth.

My server was prompt in getting to the table and taking my drink order and getting me some really good hush puppies right away. Good thing too, I was starving. Also to note, they serve Pepsi Products. Which I am totally cool with.

Going in, I knew what I was looking for: Tuna Steak & Pop Corn Shrimp. They had both items on the menu however not as a combo, or available for individual order. So when my server Steven got back around I told him what I wanted “Tuna Steak and Large size popcorn shrimp” and to kindly figure out how to put it in the system.

One thing to note – The way their menu is set up they have combos for Fried seafood, and combos for broiled seafood. Apparently you cant substitute. On the broiled side the Tuna Steak with Shrimp was like $12.99.

Steven came back after talking to the manager and said my order would be $16.99. I didn’t argue. I was hungry, its what I wanted and the price was what I was willing to pay in my state of hunger and craving.

The meal then showed up with a very well prepared Tuna Steak (I like mine cooked all the way thru, not raw in the middle like some) and an oval plate of popcorn shrimp one layer thick (meaning there was no shrimp laying on top of the other on the whole plate), the two sides I ordered – Brunswick stew & baked potato. The Brunswick stew was very good, it did however have a Giant piece of tomato in it that I wasn’t interested in eating. The baked potato was not huge but made a great side serving.

I was just very puzzled at the small serving of shrimp considering I ordered a large popcorn shrimp (I’m a bachelor, I like leftovers for later). Now I was having issues that I paid $4.00 more and got such a small serving of popcorn shrimp. So I waited to dig in to those just in case Steven the server didn’t hear me right when I ordered a Large Serving. I waited for a while, Steven did not follow up after delivering my food to see if I needed anything. I dug into the tuna steak and it was great. However, I did want some lemon slices so I even had to wait to continue on the tuna steak. The Brunswick stew and baked potato tided me over till the server came back. I said “is this a large?” while pointing at the oval plate with popcorn shrimp. Steven said “it’s a regular serving that comes with the Rib Eye and popcorn shrimp…that’s how we had to input your order to the system”. “OOOOOoooo” I said, and Left it at that.

Over all the food was great, service was good. I will definitely be back for more seafood at Captain Stanley’s in North Raleigh. Maybe I was just thinking too much about my experience at Mayflower Seafood restaurant and their Heaping regular serving of popcorn shrimp. Or maybe I should have asked to specifically substitute popcorn shrimp for broiled shrimp @ $12.99. I definitely know having the server and manager figure it out will not result in the best Price/Value to the customer.

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