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Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Las Margaritas MenuLooking for a great restaurant to accommodate large groups or families with children? Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant is it. This restaurant lacks the “Wow!” factor, but still delivers on service and decent food.

First Impressions

Las Margaritas is located within a shopping center plaza. While there is ample parking, the parking lot can be extremely busy during the lunch rush hour.

Walking in the restaurant, there is definitely an older, almost outdated feel. This is accompanied by a faint, musty smell, which I assume came from the carpeting.

It’s surprisingly open, and there is plenty of room to accommodate large group reservations. It is also extremely family-friendly, so feel free to bring the kids. There is covered outdoor seating on the patio, adjacent to the front of the restaurant.

When we were led to our booth, the first thing I noticed was how outdated the decor was. The booth seats were completely shredded, and I hesitated to sit down on the seat. The lighting was also a bit dingy and unflattering. Despite the aesthetic disappointments, the table and silverware were clean, the plates and glasses simple, and the waitstaff extremely friendly.


Dish #1 – Chicken Fajitas

Las Margaritas is always fantastic. It’s a humble atmosphere – definitely not fancy. The service was great, and the portions are good. The tortillas came out to the table nice and hot/steamed. The chicken and vegetables were great, as were the sour cream and guacamole. The margaritas were fantastic.

Chicken fajitas

Dish #2 – Chicken Fajita Quesadillas

I’ve had chicken fajita quesadillas all over North Carolina. While Las Margaritas did an ok job with these, they weren’t the best I’ve ever had. The presentation lost points with me. The tomato wasn’t that fresh, and the guacamole tasted a bit soup-y. The chips and sals that were brought to the table prior to our meal were so-so. The salsa was too runny, and it lacked flavor. Chips were not hot or warm, leading me to assume that they are not made fresh on premises.

The best thing about Las Margaritas, however, was their classic margaritas. We ordered two classic margaritas on the rocks with Cuervo & salt. DELICIOUS. The margaritas were perfectly blended, and the flavor was on point.

Chicken fajita quesadillas


The service was great – no complaints there. The wait staff was friendly and attentive without being overbearing. We were asked if we wanted to see a dessert menu at the conclusion of our meal. This was nice because, sometimes restaurants automatically bring you a check without so much as pausing to ask whether you’d like to see a dessert menu or see if you’d like anything else.

Places where this restaurant lost points were on: presentation of food and decor. However, for the price that you pay as well as the location, this is something to be overlooked. In the future, I would certainly go back – but only for the margaritas. The margaritas are definitely something to behold here.

Margaritas con Cuervo

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