The Piper's Tavern menu

The Piper’s Tavern

The Piper's Tavern menuIf you’re planning a casual night out with the guys, The Piper’s Tavern is the place to go. If you’re looking for a quiet, classy date spot or a nice venue for a business lunch, look elsewhere.

First Impressions & Atmosphere

Piper’s Tavern is located just off of the busy Falls of Neuse Road in North Raleigh. From the outside, it has a fairly casual appearance. There is amply outdoor seating, and plenty of parking (though the parking lot has certainly seen better days). It’s a great spot for big groups, and is definitely family-friendly.

One of the first things we noted upon walking in was the smell. It smelled a little like a Port-a-John. The interior lighting was also a bit dark for lunch time dining. At 12:15 p.m., the restaurant had a few people coming in to dine, but it wasn’t crowded at all. There were still plenty of seats available. No reservations were required.


Dish #1Large Chicken Caesar Salad (with extra chicken) Price : $12.97

The presentation was simple, and the chicken was cooked on the dry side, which is how I actually prefer it. The chicken was hot. However, some of the chicken had a bit too much charring. Also, the lettuce was not particularly green or fresh-looking. One or two pieces looked a little brown. I ate all of the chicken, but I didn’t finish the salad due to it not tasting as fresh.

Dish #2Chicken BLT (you get the choice of blackened chicken OR regular, grilled chicken) $8.99

The Chicken BLT was fairly good. Similar to the Chicken Caesar Salad, the chicken was a little on the dry side, which took away from the flavor. However, I ordered my chicken “blackened” versus simply grilled. Therefore, it had extra seasonings in it. I’m not sure what the seasonings consisted of, but it definitely added back some flavor that I think would’ve been missing. The french fries were nice and crisp. Everything was hot, and the presentation was simple yet nice.

Chicken Wrap - Piper's Tavern


The  hostess was extremely friendly and prompt. The waiter was also friendly, professional and attentive. Water was re-filled without having to ask, we were checked on every now and then without it being overbearing.

Overall, The Piper’s Tavern was a good experience. It’s not somewhere we’d recommend for business lunch meetings with prospects, but it’s a great venue for families or for the casual diner.

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