Toreros Mexican Restaurant

tacoWe love us some good Mexican food! There’s several Mexican restaurants in the North Raleigh area but one place we go back to often is Toreros Mexican Restaurant located at 4721 Atlantic Avenue. It’s pretty close to several main roads and is easy to get to. Always plenty of parking and seating, even on busy nights!

The food is very good and the portions are large. My boyfriend and I shared a chicken fajita meal and there was still a little leftover after we’d ate all we could. The tortillas are delicious, probably my favorite.

There’s a great atmosphere at Toreros too: we sat at the bar and there were about 5 different patrons who walked by the bar, greeting the bartender with hugs and well wishes. One customer ordered an unusual drink, and the staff worked hard to find the right balance of ingredients to make it just right. Their bar was well stocked with many liquors and beers and they have nightly drink specials.

We’re big on special ordering our food too and have never been disappointed with Toreros service when it comes to subbing rice for beans, adding extra cheese or sour cream.

Toreros prices are very affordable for a family to eat out for lunch OR dinner.

Mmm, I think I want some more right now!!!

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