Weinberg’s The Delicatessen

What to eat, what to eat!?

We were out shopping the other day and realized we were starving and wanted lunch pronto. We were in the area of Harris Teeter at Falls and Spring Forest and decided to try out a new-to-us spot: Weinberg’s The Delicatessen.

We were seated pretty quickly in the packed restaurant. We ordered some sodas and took a few minutes to browse the menu. We both ordered the deli turkey sandwich: turkey on sliced bread with a side of chips. We also tried the soup which was a potato cheddar soup (it was yum!!!).

Our sandwiches – about $8.00 each after tax – took a little while to come out but considering how busy the place was, it wasn’t too big of a deal. The sandwich was piled high with a lot of turkey, but it left a lot to be desired. The turkey was sort of dry and the sandwich as a whole was flavorless. I could make this sandwich on my own the day after Thanksgiving.

The sandwiches were bland and could have used a little more flavor. The chips were standard out-of-the bag ridged potatoes. The potato salad was good.

The menu looked like a list of foods my New York great-grandmother would cook, so if you’re looking for lox, whitefish or other traditional dishes, this is probably the place to try. With the rate of table turnover, this is an obvious local favorite. I wasn’t thrilled and not many of the menu choices were on my list of palate pleasers.

Check out the menu before you go and be sure there’s something you’d like to try and that you’re willing to pay a bit of a higher fee for a sandwich. Picky folks like me may have a hard time. :)


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